New YouTube Channel

image of channel page on youtube

Channel 2 now has its own YouTube Channel!

We have decided to move on from our previous on-demand content provider. While the old set up worked in years past, a decision was made to move to the YouTube platform. This transition allows us greater integration of our videos on different devices, and allows us more control over the videos themselves.

Our goal is to upload a majority of our catalog to the channel as quickly as possible. Over time, we will begin to add older videos from our archive as well. We have already released some old content to you though, rather than waiting too long to upload it. It is a long process to try to upload everything, but we hope to have them available within a few months. Stay up to date with all of our recent posts by reviewing our Blog page.

image of video grid on youtubeWe have set up a variety of different playlists within our channel to help you navigate the ever-growing library. Many specific playlists have been establish to help locate municipal and SAU meetings, based on their year. In addition, we also have a variety of regional playlists and special interest playlists available for you to cruise through as well.

As a result of moving to YouTube, we now have the capability to do live streaming. Stay tuned in the weeks/months to come for more information about live streamed events.