Channel 2 broadcasts a lot of different shows outside of our municipal meetings for our viewing audience. We offer syndicated broadcasts such as Tech Throwback and Chef’s Table from different PEG stations across the country through our content provider TelVue.

We also air Emmy award winning series such as NASA 360° and Science 360° from NASA and the National Science Foundation. Educational shows such as these, along with similar shorts like Chalk Talk and Science NOW! are also in rotation throughout the year.

We also offer a variety to feature presentations that are cultivated right here in the North Country by independent producers and film makers. We showcase many local and regional businesses and activities as they happen around Grafton and Cöos counties. Festivals, parades, special events and featurettes are always welcome on our community station.

If you have a single show idea and would like for us to air it on our station, please review our policies and procedures for submitting content. If you are interested in creating a pilot episode of a series for consideration to run on our station, reach out to our Station Manager for information on how you can submit a show to be aired.