SAU #84 School Board meeting from 12-4-17

Littleton High School

Policies, infrastructure and Lakeway feasibility were all discussed.

The SAU #84 School Board met Monday, December 4th at the SAU Building in Littleton. The full agenda for the evening is available on Google Docs.

Business Report / Fiscal Budget 2018-19

The first agenda item for the evening was the business report and the review of the manifest and budget for fiscal year 2018-2019. Tom Mangels, the SAU Business Administrator, reported out on the revenue report and the expenditures. While discussing adjustments needed to reach equilibrium, Dr. Steve Nilhas spoke on how there is a need to look at all elements associated to try to keep things status quo. However, there was discussion of moving some budget topics into non-public as the comfort level to discuss openly was a concern. The sensitivity of “projecting” budgetary decisions was certainly evident; especially when the topic of personnel and staffing could arise. The idea of the stabilization grant and school vouchers were visited briefly as well.

SAU #84 Superintendent Dr. Nilhas and School Board membersWarren Street Architects / Lakeway Feasibility Study

After the business report, Lakeway Elementary school and the topic of a feasibility study through Warren Street Architects was reviewed. At the time of the meeting all that was available was a cost for the feasibility study itself. No contract or proposal was available. Only an email outlining the work and the cost of the study ,which was listed at $15,500, plus roughly $3000 in costs estimates for repairs needing to be done. Dr. Nilhas requested that the fee be spread out over several years.

There was a written report scheduled to be delivered to the SAU by January 10th, the same day as the budget hearing. Chairperson Wigget shared her thoughts stating “that if we have, roughly $19,0000, right now, to award them [Warren Street] the study to get that done. So we can have it in a timely manner. ‘Cus I still feel that at some–, someday, soon, we are going to have to replace Lakeway.” She also requested for them to try to have it available a couple of days before the budget hearing. The motion to award to Warren Street Architects $15,500 plus $3,000 for cost estimates for the feasibility study passed.

Infrastructure Investments

For the Facilities report the School Board went on to discuss topics surrounding infrastructure improvements. Proposals for items such as safety, building security, security cameras, replacing of heat and AC were reviewed. Snowplow contracting was discussed and a 3″ to 1″ change was presented. A recent storm dropped roughly 1″ onto the ground causing ruts and travel difficulties upon freezing. Jim Anan said the contractor will be contacted about this change. There was concern about the conflict with other work they might have for already.

School Board reviews policies

Lastly, a series of policies were reviewed following the presentation of the facilities report. Second reads and adoption for the following policies took place:

  1. DGD Policy– School District Credit Cards
  2. EHB-R Policy – Local Records Retention Schedule
  3. IHAMA Policy – Education Related to Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
  4. KGF Policy – Recognition of Distinguished or Deceased Individuals or Groups

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