Policies and Procedures

Station Program Policies

In order to provide a fair and balanced public access station to all of our viewers we have a few policies and guidelines that we follow for all shows submitted by guest producers. Not only do we have content restrictions, but we also have formatting restrictions. Please review the sections below and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the station manager.


Due to FCC regulations, we have specific content that we cannot air on our station. All submitted shows, specials or features must be screened and meet the following criteria:

  • Programs must be free of all commercial content.
  • Programs may not contain copyright protected materials without documented licensing rights.
  • No slanderous, libelous, pornographic or obscene material.
  • Programs may not have any material in violation of FCC regulations, nor any material which violates local, state or federal laws.

In addition to the above FCC regulations, we reserve the right to hold all submitted footage to the additional following guidelines:

  • Priority is given to locally produced programming.
  • Out-of-town productions must have a local presenter. Someone within the Littleton area must vouch for your program.
  • Underwritten programs must show documentation of the sponsoring entity/entities and total amount of funds received. Underwritten programs created with LATV equipment may be subject to a 20% usage fee for the camera equipment.


Programs submitted to us for broadcasting on our television station must meet specific formatting criteria in order to be uploaded to our content server.

  • All Programs must be formatted as an .mp4 or an .mpeg2 file.
  • Programs must be submitted in a digital format on a usb device, disk, or similar. All blue-ray and dvd disks should be burned as data devices, not formatted as playable disks on a player. Google drive, Dropbox, or similar cloud storage links are also acceptable.
  • Preferred program lengths are 60 minutes, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes. PSAs should be under 5 minutes in length.
  • Underwriting messages included within a program should meet FCC underwriting guidelines and be no longer than 20 seconds in length before a program.
  • Program video standards must be of broadcast quality.
  • Programs with poor audio will not be aired.


At this time, no political programming will be permitted onto LATV Channel 2, with the exception of providing factual information on any ballot issue, warrant article, or topic of concern affecting voters.


In the interest of remaining neutral to all viewers, we choose to remove our station from political support initiatives. Any campaigning by, or on behalf of, any candidate* for public office, the use of our station by elected officials seeking reelection, or any candidate seeking election, is prohibited.

*A candidate for public office is any individual, incumbent or otherwise who:

  1. Has filed a Declaration of Candidacy, or
  2. Has qualified under County, State or Federal Law to hold the office for which he or she is a candidate, or
  3. Has qualified for a place on the ballot or has publicly committed himself or herself to seeking election by the write-in method.


Our community bulletin board runs on-air everyday after hours, and within a mid-day window. Messages, announcements and slides are also listed on our website on our community board page. Anyone wishing to run a message or list an event on the community bulletin board should contact the station manager at info@latvchannel2.com.

When possible, board messages should be formatted into an image file that is 7″ × 7″ in size or 504px x 504px at 72 dpi. Acceptable formats are .jpg, .pdf, .png,  or .psd files. If an image file is not available, please keep messaging simple and focused on the pertinent information for the event. The following information should be included: what the event is, its date, time, and location, the benefit/cause/supporting organization, any cost for the event, specific hours of the event. Full press releases with extended narratives are not accepted at this time. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Messages must be non-commercial in nature.
  • Messages concerning fund-raising will be run as long as no specific products, goods, services, or their prices are mentioned.
  • LATV staff reserves the right to determine the length of time that messages run on the system.
  • Emergency messages will receive first consideration.
  • Messages must also abide by the regulations set forth by the FCC in the governing of community access channels.
  • No message that discriminates against any individual or group, or promotes a service or event not open to the general public will be run.
  • LATV reserves the right to refuse any message, or edit a message to fit these guidelines, but not as to change the overall content or meaning of the message.

If you have any questions about a message or program that you want to submit to the station, feel free to reach out to the station manager.