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Littleton Area Television survives as a public service for the North Country through the generous patronage, or monetary support from regional businesses and individuals. It is through these contributions we are able to maintain our presence north of The Notch as New Hampshire’s North Country Local Television.


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Patronage Packages. Click image for a closer look. Footnote restriction are listed below.

Through the sponsorships of individual programs, recurring events or activities, or the underwriting of entire series and syndicated shows, LATV Patronage plays a critical role in our station’s survival. If it were not for the support of local businesses content on the station would be limited in its variety and production value.

At Littleton Area Television we strive to bring to you high quality shows and specials that you want to watch again and again. With your support as a business we can continue to create high quality productions and deliver to our community television that is both interesting and intriguing. If you would like to learn more about our Business Patronage opportunities, please follow the links below.

Business Patronage Information
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Special notes on patronage packages: (1) Advertising space on the digital billboard consists of a 7”x7” full color ad or custom slide to be played in rotation for the full calendar year. (2) Listing within the web directory consists of your business name, address, phone number and an active link on our website linking back to your website. (3) Web banner advertisement is a 240×240 pixel web graphic displayed on our site linking back to your site. (4) Underwriting message is recorded as an audio file and paired with your logo or graphic as a bumper at the opening of an aired show. Message length will vary from 10-15 seconds in length and be aired a minimum of two times per week. (5) Underwriting spotlight videos will be written, filmed and edited in conjunction with your business and the studio and will be an audio/video file spotlighting your business. Message length will vary from 30-45 seconds in length and be aired a minimum of two times per week. * All audio/video messaging must meet FCC underwriting guidelines and requirements for Public Educational Government broadcast stations.


Much like our support from local businesses, individuals can also play a critical role in our station’s growth. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available to help reduce the burden of creation here at the station. Working and volunteering for the station can vary from developing press releases into advertising slides for our after hours slide show, filming on location, or helping to edit footage of past events. If you have a creative side and would like to participate in the development of content for the station, send the station manager an email at

Not only do we need “boots on the ground” but we also need cash in the bank. If you would like to help us in our efforts and make a contribution to our cause, please feel free to donate through our donation portal to the right. Your contribution will go specifically towards the purchasing of additional equipment. Not one cent of your individual contributions will go toward overhead of the station and offset items such as: lights, software, payroll, travel expenses, office supplies, marketing initiatives, uniforms, media services etc. We are currently searching new camera equipment and individual contributions donated through this site will go specifically towards streaming video components, a drone, a new HD video camera or similar equipment.