A pair of Littleton meetings.

budget meeting 12-19-17

Back to back budget meetings in Littleton this week.

Littleton held another budget meeting at the Community Center this evening, with the first meeting being held on Tuesday. Though both meetings lasted nearly two hours in length, it wasn’t enough to cover all of the information that was to be presented. A follow-up meeting was scheduled for January 2nd at the Community Center.

Tuesday night’s meeting primarily discussed the Public Works Department. Department Manager Joe DePalma was available for the full meeting. Bigger items that were discussed were the additional increases in roadside mowing, salt and sand cost increases, sewer maintenance costs and billing, equipment replacement concerns as well as maintenance on the equipment. The discussion of an additional full-time employee was also presented as part of the warrant articles.

Joe also reported out on the status of the new truck they recently received and had high praise for a number of full and part-time additions the crew had this season. Joe also presented some of the repairs and roadwork the crew had completed through the 2017 season.

The full video from Tuesday is available below:

Budget meeting on 12-21

Thursday’s meeting greeted three outside agencies to review their warrant articles. The Police Department budget was also discussed. The full meeting from Thursday is available for viewing here:

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