Local Coverage

Local Coverage

Part of our mission as a service provider here in Northern New Hampshire is to deliver coverage of meetings as quickly as we can. We air the most recent events and meetings on the station in rotation as soon as possible. Usually this is within 3 days of a meeting being filmed. Scheduling is not an exact science though and some events may be placed on hold as other events take priority. YouTube releases may be as released as quickly as the same night of a meeting or event. However, this is not a guarantee. Editing times may vary and we do our best to release them as fast as possible.

We have created specific playlists on YouTube for the ease of releasing the most current footage of local meetings to our viewers. Each of the playlists are arranged into yearly sections so you can easily locate a meeting that may have occurred from previous years that you want to review or watch again. Please follow these links to view each specific playlist for 2017:

2017 Littleton Board of Selectmen
Littleton Budget Committee – 2017 Season
SAU #84 School Board – 2017-2018 School Year

Also on our station are 2016 Selectboard, Budget Committee and SAU #84 meeting playlists, and a collective Pre-2015 meeting playlist. To review all of the playlists that we have made available, please visit us here.

Non-Littleton Meetings

Are you in a town that does not currently have a presence on LATV? We want to hear from you! Send us a letter or comment stating that you would like LATV to film in your town and you find value in having your local public access station filming and airing your town government meetings. Do you have an interested in filming meetings or events outside of Littleton–we are looking for volunteers. Visit this post for more information.

North Country Playlist

The North Country provides so many beautiful and amazing attractions, events and opportunities for its residents and tourists alike. We wanted to spotlight our communities and cover as many of these interesting stories as possible.

Our curated YouTube playlist highlights a wide range activities, events and regional offerings. These videos are provided by local residents, producers, students and film makers for you to enjoy. If you are interested in producing a segment, short film, series or special, please reach out to our station manager for more information on how you can submit your content.