LIDC land transfer pushed to Town Meeting

Chairman Sweet recused himself from discussion

At this evening’s Littleton Selectboard Meeting, the Chairman did not vote on the contested land transfer. Instead, Chairman Sweet moderated the discussion between Rossi and Bratz. The discussion was whether or not to approve a sale of land from the town to LIDC for $1. Selectmen Bratz and Rossi reviewed the different issues surrounding the land transfer without Mr. Sweet’s input. Selectman Rossi noted that a letter was sent mentioning a potential lawsuit against the town should the transfer move forward.  with the “best interest of the Town in mind” he felt moving the vote to town meeting would be the better option. Rossi supported the idea of the sale, however, he felt the unneccessary legal battle would cost more and would be less prudent.

The motion passed 2 to 0 to postpone the transfer decision until the Town Meeting.

Parking ban remains in effect on Mill St.-

The Board also reviewed the pitfalls associated with opening up parking on Mill Street. According to Chapter 1, Section 7, Paragraph III of the town ordinances, left curb parking is unlawful. currently it reads that it is “unlawful to park on the wrong side of the street so as to have the left wheels of a vehicle to the curb.” The parking ordinance will have to be amended in order to reinstate parking on Mill Street. A review of the ADA parking standards will be conducted there as well as this is of concern.

Though there is a TAP study (Transportation Alternative Program) in place for pedestrians and footpaths within town, North Country Council is also conducting a parking study. This will assist with developing system wide parking changes and new standards to benefit the town for the future. With this study currently underway, the Selectboard visited two options for the current parking concern. The first option was to continue with the current enforcement of the parking ban on Mill St. The second option was to amend the parking ordinance, visit the ADA compliance for the area, and allow for parking to resume. A motion carried, and a vote passed 3 to 0 to continue to enforce a parking ban in that area. However, the results of the TAP study and NCC parking review may help adjust this parking ban in the future.

Full coverage of the meeting will be available later this evening.
(Updated at 9:27 pm)

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