2008 Littleton DCI building fire uploaded

DCI Building burning

Old footage released to YouTube

firefighters put out blaze

We dug through the archives this week to upload even more footage from our past. We uncovered this footage from the DCI Blaze in January of 2008.

On Thursday January 10th around 5:30 in the morning, a fire broke out within the three-story furniture warehouse known as the DCI building on Saranac Street. Firefighters from almost 20 towns responded to the 5 alarm blaze which raged through the early morning hours. Come sunrise, after nearly thee hours of effort, the fire was eventually brought under control. This footage shows the extent of the damage and the fire as it burned through the evening. There are also snapshots of the fire as taken by Aaron Townsend

Here is footage of the event along with on the scene interviews with community members.

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