Littleton Budget Meeting 11-21-17

Local Landing strip reviews options The Littleton Budget committee sat with Dave Ernsberger Tuesday, November 21st to talk about the White Mountain Regional Airport. Dave is the Littleton member for the Regional Airport’s commission. The commission consists of 8 individuals that represent five different towns in the area. Each town shares a proportionate cost of $1.45 per citizen to operate

25th Economic Development Celebration

The Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce hosted their 25th Annual “Economic Development Celebration” at the Littleton Opera House on Monday Evening. The building was filled with a variety of business and industry individuals to celebrate the town’s, and its surrounding communities, economic successes. Early in the evening, Jeff Cozzens, of Shilling’s Beer Company, was awarded the 2017 Raymond S. Burton

SAU #84 Meeting 11-20-17

The Littleton School District held it’s school board meeting at the SAU building on Monday the 20th. In addition to the school board meeting, the Town of Littleton’s Budget Committee and the School Board met together on the 16th of November to help increase the communication between the two entities. This was one of multiple meetings scheduled for the two

Upstage Players perform Romeo and Juliet

The Upstage Players hosted Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” at the Littleton Opera House on Friday the 17th during its second, and final weekend. LATV was there to record the show so we can broadcast it on Channel 2 for the community to enjoy. Andrew Lidestri and the Upstage Players performed a classic and moving rendition of the play, complete with